Sarafa (night Street Food Market)

Indore is a city that prides itself on its food. It’s the only city that I can think of where they have a whole street famously called ‘Sarafa’ that serves the most tasty vegetarian snacks, chaat and sweets right from 8 pm upto 2 at night.

The street, that otherwise is largely an area for selling jewellery, converts into a fully pedestrian one with people from Indore and tourists in equal numbers visiting it at night. Needless to say that it’s completely safe to go there and the experience is something I would recommend every foodie to take at least once in your life.


 A king size jalebi fried in desi ghee, the jaleba is large and crisp but soft within, and steeped in sugar syrup.

10 flavours of pani puri: 

Sarafa Bazaar is well known for its decades-old stalls serving sinfully delicious chaat.

Khopra Patties: 

 These famous patties, potato balls with a core of stuffed coconut, are fried right in front of customers and served with tangy tamarind chutney. Try these at Vijay Chat House, along with their crisp samosas and special


A variety of the humble yam, fried to perfection and sold on pushcarts, this crisp snack is topped with spices, chillies and lemon juice and is hot enough to render that familiar burning sensation on the tongue.

Sabudana Khichdi:

The sole provider of carbohydrates on a day of pious abstinence in most Indore homes is also one of the most popular street foods available in Sarafa Bazaar. Om Prakash Vyas of Saawariyan Seth has his own style of making this yummy dish that his father started cooking in 1983.

Bhutte ki Kees:

The melt-in-your mouth dish is a seasonal speciality made from corn, shredded and cooked with milk, coconut and spices until it acquires a moist, smooth texture.


The thin pancakes made of flour, khoya (milk solids) and semolina, are deep-fried and dunked in sugar syrup, and often served with rabdi to create this truly decadent dish.

Poha Jalebi: