Places To Visit At Gwalior City

Sarod Ghar

Music enthusiasts can visit the Sarod Ghar which is a museum of music, and it treasures all sorts of musical instruments. However, the best part about the museum is that, it is set up in the ancestral house of Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan, the legendary musician. While here, you can see the collection of age-old photographs as well as ancient musical instruments. 

Padmavati Pawaya

There are a melange places to travel to near Gwalior, and one such pilgrimage destination is Padmavati Pawaya. This historically rich place is filled with tall mansions and temples filled with several Sanskrit texts. Also while here, you can see rare antiquities, and among the many found here, the image of Yaksha Manibhadra is a popular one. Besides that, another must see thing here is the collection of their terracotta. It beautifully symbolizes the art of Naga and Gupta, and in order to see different kinds of terracotta, you can visit the Gujari Mahal in Padmavati Pawaya, which is located around 60 km from Gwalior and it is open all day from 7:00am to 6:00pm.

Tighra Dam

Amongst the top places to visit, Tighra Dam is one riveting site that offers visitors a sense of freedom and the best place to indulge in a boating activity. This dam is located 23 km from the city of Gwalior and it has gained a lot of popularity. While the surrounding of the dam also offers an excellent place for family picnic trips it also has a boating club here. You can partake in adventure activities like speed boating, paddle boating, jalpari boat and water scooty rides. Besides, how can one resist the serenity and the picturesque sight of the dam and surrounding area, truly a worth-visiting place off-route Gwalior.

Madhav National Park

Although the city of Gwalior has an inhouse animal refuge called the Gwalior Zoo, you can visit Madhav National Park, if you are looking for a more realistic and wildlife holiday experience. This is amongst the best holiday places in Gwalior located in Shivpuri district, here, you can come find serenity and peace amid wild species and their dense forested home. The animals you can encounter while here are blackbuck, nilgai, leopard, chausingha, chinkara and several others animals. Also, the domestic and migratory birds you can see flocking are geese pintail, mallard, gadwall, Indian pond heron, kingfisher and red wattled lapwing. Another interesting feature of this national park are its stunning monuments that are associated with Gwalior’s history.

Sun Temple

Sun Temple or Surya Mandir is definitely one of the top tourist destinations to visit in the whole of Madhya Pradesh. Constructed in the year 1988, this structure possesses the style of the famous Sun Temple of Konark in Odisha. Amongst the many heritage attractions in Gwalior, this very site is thronged by several pilgrims and tourists. The temple’s captivating red sandstone exterior adds charm, offering a picture-perfect image especially during sunrise and sunsets. Here, Lord Surya’s sculpture can also be seen with white marble interiors and marvelous work of art.

Tansen Tomb